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20 Years of sustainable growth and long-lasting innovation
Abreu Advogados is an independent Law Firm, known as one of the most dynamic, innovative and recognised Portuguese law firms. Incorporated in 1993, the firm is ranked amongst the three largest law firms in Portugal and has grown, from 6 lawyers - in 1993, to 185 lawyers, in a total of 265 professionals with offices in Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. In line with its international strategy, the firm has established Associations with local prestigious law firms in Angola, Brazil, China/Macao, Mozambique and in a joint office in Timor-Leste. Acting through 10 Practice Areas and 47 Working Groups, Abreu Advogados offers an extensive range of legal services to both domestic and international entities. The firm continues to grow on a sustainable basis.

Abreu International - Legal Solutions
Through its international platform "Abreu International - Legal Solutions", the firm provides integrated legal services and innovative solutions, to its clients, tailored to meet their strategic needs in the Portuguese-speaking countries and markets. Abreu Advogados has a long established associations with local leading law firms, namely in Angola, Brazil, China/Macao and partnerships with Mozambique and Timor-Leste (in Joint Office).

Throughout the years, Abreu Advogados has built its practice as an independent and innovative Law Firm and has affirmed its commitment to the quality of the services provided to its Clients and to an organization supported by a professional management team.

In Association with FBL Advogados in Luanda, since 2007
In order to satisfy the needs of its Clients, and in context with its decision to be active in the Portuguese speaking Countries, Abreu Advogados has in 2007 signed a protocol with one of the largest Law Firms in Angola (FBL Advogados).

Since then, Abreu Advogados and FBL Advogados have been collaborating to provide legal services to mutual Clients with business interests in Angola in the areas of energy, the environment, infra-structures, natural resources and banking/capital markets; additionally, the firms cultivate a strong cooperative effort through the interchange of know-how and professional exchange programmes, predominantly focusing on legislation, doctrine, case law and other matters of a legal and technical nature.

Abreu Advogados has a number of Angolan lawyers working in the Lisbon office, with sound working experience in the Angolan Market. The Partners heading the Angolan Desk of Abreu Advogados are Fernando Veiga Gomes and Guilherme Santos Silva responsible for liasing with FBL Advogados.

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